Crossfit was in its infancy in the early 2000’s. Many people didn’t know about Crossfit and if so they were introduced to it by hearing from a friend or some other random way.

In 2008 we were the 3rd affiliate in Michigan and 1st in Livingston County, we affiliated because we believed in the training philosophy. We believed in the efficacy and integrity of the program. We immediately saw results with ourselves and our members. This is why we affiliated. Then, we had to go out and spread the word.

Now, people have to sort through a spattering of Crossfit and Crossfit ‘type’ gyms. Many are trying to take advantage of Crossfit’s popularity while they may not fully have the understanding or recipes of the Crossfit training program.

We are a proud Crossfit affiliate. We have been for many years. We strongly believe the most we can offer someone that wants to make a change in their fitness level is quality coaches who care about the members.

We ask you to sample other gyms, search online then stop in and watch one of our classes. We strongly believe that we will stand out because of our integrity to the Crossfit philosophy and our experienced coaches.


We have a reception area, 2 workout rooms, men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers. But, what we really offer is training.

We offer quality training from coaches with many years of Crossfit and athletic experience. Every one of our coaches was a member in our WOD classes for a minimum of a year before going through our trainer development prior to coaching classes.

We take pride in quality training. Our coaches know first names, strengths, weaknesses and individual goals.

This is the difference. We focus on proper technique, consistency then add intensity on an individual basis.

Whether you are an experienced Crossfitter or brand new to Crossfit, we have the ability to help you improve your overall fitness level safely and effectively.


We are more than a gym.  

We are a community of like-minded people that are goal oriented and motivated.  We train together.  

We go through a warm up, skill session and complete the WOD together.  We’ve seen members help each other in the gym, share healthy recipes and meet outside of the gym.  We are privileged to build a fit community in Brighton and Livingston county.




Evaluate your fitness and lifestyle goals. Are your actions leading you towards achieving these goals? If not, we can help! Your first training session is an opportunity for us to meet, discuss your goals, and create a roadmap for your future.



At the end of Introductory Session, you can sign up and become a member. You will learn about our Foundation Classes. These classes are an On-Ramp to the group classes and are mandatory for new members. This will help get you ready for your next steps!



After Foundations, you will have access to any of the adult classes on our calendar. We will guide you regarding appropriate equipment, weights, and modifications according to your individual abilities. Our classes fun and community-centered!