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CrossFit Brighton

We opened our gym in 2008.  We were the 3rd affiliate in Michigan and 1st in Livingston County.  We have built a culture and community of people that are goal-oriented and motivated.  We are privileged to build a fit community in Brighton and Livingston county. 

Group Fitness Classes

Accountability & Motivation

CrossFit group classes are great because you don’t have to figure out what you are going to do when you walk into the gym. We handle that for you!  Each day we have a different workout.  Together, we go through a warm-up, skill session, and complete the Workout of the Day.  We’ve seen members help each other in the gym, share healthy recipes, and meet outside of the gym.  Our coaches provide instruction with proper form, accountability, and motivation.

Woman With medicine ball

Efficacy & Integrity

Our program is built on efficacy and integrity.  Movements are infinitely scalable, which means that we can modify any movement to your skill and fitness level. Can’t do a push-up?  Don’t worry!  We can help you find an appropriate movement to replace it.  Not ready for pull-ups?  That’s okay!  We can replace that movement with something else.  We are here to help you succeed in reaching your goals!


Our Mission

Our mission is to make your time at CrossFit Brighton the best hour of your day.  We want you to leave your worries at the door, be greeted by a friendly coach, have a conversation with a friend, turn the music up, break a sweat, and blow off some steam. 

We are a community of amazing, positive people in a supportive environment.  We welcome anyone of any background that is dedicated to making themselves better every day through functional movements, variance, and relative intensity.  We believe that stronger is better and you will discover your strength. 

Our philosophy is based on relative intensity training.  We believe that you should define your intensity, work out according to your abilities and your current fitness level while striving to get a little better every day.  We believe that you can do what you never thought possible.  

We believe that proper nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and combining that with a strength and conditioning program will lead to optimal fitness.  We believe that good or easy will not suffice.  You will raise your “average” and become a better version of yourself.

What we offer is simple: quality, world-class coaching, and accountability in fitness and nutrition with awesome people.


Fully Qualified Instructors

Chris staff Image

Chris Tamer

Chris is the owner and general manager at CrossFit Brighton. A husband and father of three, Chris is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he played varsity hockey.

John Staff Image

John Tamer

John is the general manager and head coach of CrossFit Brighton.  He joined CrossFit Brighton in March 2008 after years of being on the road selling medical devices.

Jodi Staff Image

Jodi Laakso

Jodi found CrossFit soon after she graduated from Minnesota State University with a degree in Interior Design and a 4-year D–1 women’s college hockey experience.

Jill Staff image

Jill Donovan

Jill has been a CFB member since November of 2009. Since then CrossFit has become more than just her workout, but rather a lifestyle adaptation.

Darin Staff Image

Darin Spencer

Darin grew up as a naturally competitive person who likes physical activity, playing soccer and volleyball through high school, and earning her black belt…

Darcie Staff Image

Darcie Donaldson

With a background as a flight attendant and in recreational programming, Darcie has been a part of CrossFit Brighton since the Fall of 2011.

Nels staff image

Nels Helminen

By day, Nels is a handyman who works for his family business. After work, Nels can be found coaching or training at CrossFit Brighton.

Jen staff image

Jennifer Taiariol

Jen has been a part of the CrossFit Brighton community for 10 years and is our longest-serving member.  She has three sons, Jake, Nick, and Joey…

Larry staff Image

Larry Getz

I have been a part of the Crossfit community for a number of years and I have grown to appreciate the effect that Crossfit has…

Michelle Brant

Michelle is a graduate of Michigan State University and resides in Brighton with her husband
Andrew, a CrossFit Brighton member, and two children.


In high school, I discovered weightlifting in my freshmen year and immediately loved it. Something about picking up a heavy barbell has always felt so empowering!


Melissa has been a member of CFB since 2018. She has a background in healthcare and loves being in the gym.

Annie Staff Image


Annie has been the gym dog for the first 10 years of CrossFit Brighton’s existence. She has been there since the start and always enjoyed jumping…

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