Between Brighton Nutrition, CrossFit classes, Personal Training Sessions and our Introductory Session, it’s natural to ask what’s the best place for you to start?

Intro Session
The Intro is the first step in the process.  People come in, sit down with one of our coaches and have a conversation.  The Intro is a no-strings-attached, no-sweat and no-hard sell meeting.  This conversation is a get-to-know-you and get-to-know-us meeting to see if we are a good fit.  It’s as simple as that!

People are ready to take this step when they come to a realization that they need a solution to their problem.  Most people simply need guidance on how to solve their problem. We’ve seen people come to this point at different times and for different reasons.

Some of the reasons are events coming up in the near future such as trips, vacations or weddings.  Many times people let “life” get in the way at the expense of their own health and fitness levels.  Kids, work and schedules can get prioritized ahead of “taking care of yourself.”

The Intro
We will ask questions to establish a baseline to determine where you are at right now. We’ll go over items like:

  • Why are you here?
  • What have you been doing, what results have you achieved or not achieved and what are your goals going forward?

We also explain CrossFit classes, Brighton Nutrition and the process going forward.

Together, we come up with a prescription to help you achieve your goals.

Option #1 Brighton Nutrition – We establish a baseline of your current situation.  This includes biometric testing with our InBody machine.  We talk about your current nutrition intake and go over our common sense, non-restrictive nutrition plan.  We’ll also explain the accountability factor and schedule our 4-week retest.

Option #2 CrossFit Classes – These are 1-hour long strength and conditioning classes.  We have a CrossFit coach running every class from warm-up to cool down.  The coach will instruct you throughout the class to ensure proper technique and intensity levels.  You walk in the door and we guide you through the hour-long training session.  You don’t have to worry about what to do or if you are doing it the right way.  That’s what we do!

Option #3 Hybrid Membership – Combination of strength and conditioning classes with nutrition.

Option #4 Personal Training – We believe CrossFit is for everyone but group classes may not be.  We can set up 6 or 10 sessions a month to personalize the program to you.

If you’re interested, schedule a free, no-sweat, no-strings attached Introductory Session and see how we can work together to make your time at CrossFit Brighton the best hour of your day!