No matter where you look, you’re reminded that January is a great time to think about goals for the year. Have you thought about your performance in the gym?

How are you dealing with your nutrition goals?

What about your performance goals in the gym?

Are you questioning yourself in these areas?

This year we want YOU to see how Brighton Nutrition can help you with BOTH! If you have been a member of CrossFit Brighton for a while, you know that you can’t out-train a bad diet. Maybe you don’t have any extra weight to lose, but want to perform better in the gym. Or, maybe this year you want to eat healthier and are not sure where or how to start. That is exactly where we come alongside you and teach you how to make it all work together to achieve maximum results.

What can Brighton Nutrition offer you that other programs can’t? Accountability! The knowledge that someone is keeping an eye on your nutrition, checking in with you, and taking your biometrics will help you to achieve your goals faster than doing it alone. Even our past clients that had a lot of success have found they struggle over the holidays.

We can help you get back on track! Nutrition Coach Alissa has this to say about what she’s doing differently this year to make sure her clients are successful:

“This year I’m really focused on making sure that every client gets what they need out of the program. Extra accountability is something I find to be really helpful with everyone. Checking in every week to see how they are doing, asking what form of communication is best for them if they would like a short meeting every week to discuss questions, extra tips, that sort of thing. I want them to feel like they have someone who is guiding them, not just handing them a plan and checking in after the 4 weeks.”

She said there will also be opportunities for 28-day challenges because they really want to help people understand that Brighton Nutrition and Crossfit Brighton are one and go hand in hand. Nutrition is the foundation of overall health.

“I know when I walked in the doors for the first time, I needed a nutrition program like this to help me learn what I needed to properly fuel my body,” she said. “I wanted to make sure I was improving in the gym while losing the weight from my second child. Learning about this program, taking the certification, and being in school for nutrition, I feel I have a lot to offer clients. I have improved my life and performance, and I want to do the same for others.”

2018 was a great year for Brighton Nutrition as we launched the entire program to benefit YOU, our most valuable assets. With Alissa taking the lead last fall, we were able to really get a feel of what works for our gym members.

In a 4 week span, Brighton Nutrition clients lost an average of 7.11 pounds, 5.27 inches, and 3.2% body fat! Not only is it successful for our clients, but it also demonstrates how our program with specialized accountability works! Schedule a free intro session to go over how our program will take you to the next level in 2019.

Announcing our Corporate Wellness Challenge
Is your workplace interested in promoting a culture for employees that promote health and fitness while improving work performance?

This year we’re also seeking out companies who are interested in 6-week corporate wellness challenges. We can develop a plan to meet your needs ranging from educational seminars, biometric screening, an option to add private Crossfit foundation classes, a Nutrition challenge, and workplace wellness discounts.

Contact Alissa, John or Chris to learn more!