After Sarah had listened to her husband talk CrossFit, CrossFit, CrossFit for about 6 months she decided to give it a try. Sarah has been a lifelong athlete and a self confessed gym rat. She quickly caught on to the CrossFit programming and specifically loved getting under the bar. Soon after joining CrossFit Sarah had learned that she was pregnant with twins!

Sarah’s doctors were all onboard with her training program and encouraged her to continue with small modifications. The coaches at CrossFit Brighton were very attentive to Sarah’s condition and had helped her modify her WOD to match her limitations. The doctors didn’t want Sarah doing any ab crunches or lifting over 50 pounds; other than those limitations they told Sarah to listen to her body.

Sarah continued to CrossFit through the last month of her pregnancy. The doctors were astounded with her physical condition and the babies had been developing perfectly. Her body weight was great and her resting heart rate had the nurses asking if she was a runner. She said, “Nope, I’m a CrossFitter.” During her last doctor’s appointment prior to delivery the doctor told her, “your physical conditioning will help make your delivery easy peasy.”

Sarah had gone full term and just as the doctor had assured her, the delivery of her twin girls went perfect. The girls were born perfectly healthy with zero complications. Sarah and the girls were released from the hospital two days after delivery and everyone is doing well. Sarah attributes much of her success to her CrossFit training and a good diet.