We had a conversation after the team workout with the ladies travel hockey team about training and getting in shape.

Here are 3 main ingredients to getting and staying fit:

1. Consistency. Work your workouts into your daily routine. Put them higher on your priority list. Many people’s first reason why they can’t stick to a workout routine is the time factor. The reality is that you don’t have the time not to work out. Getting strength and metabolic conditioning into your daily routine will give you more energy, make you healthier and give you a better chance to live longer with a better lifestyle (less of a chance that someone has to help you use the potty when you are in your golden years)

2. Functional exercises. Single joint, isolated movements do not burn calories or work big muscles. There is much to be said for multiple joint movements that require big muscles to move weights. The only thing bad about deadlifts is the name. Deadlifts are a great exercise that everyone should master. People should learn how to properly pick heavy loads from the ground while stabilizing their torso. How often do you pick something up from the ground?

3. Be passionate about your health. If you are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, motivation and inspiration to workout will follow. Focusing attention on your wellness is not a bad or selfish act. Additionally, by expressing passion for your health you will be instilling a set of wellness values into your kids, this alone should be the motivation you need!