I was always into sports and working out. I have been lifting weights since I was 13 years old because it was required to play football. However, after 25+ years of conventional lifting, I got bored going to the local gym and doing the same old thing.

Believe me, I thought I was in decent shape until the day I came in for my intro evaluation with Chris. That was an eye opener. I had no cardio ability at all! I certainly struggled at first until I could build up my endurance.

I really enjoy the atmosphere at CFB. The coaches are great and are always so positive and offer guidance. I’ve had many conversations with John about proper form, techniques and what works best for me. He has been a big asset for me these past few months.  I have improved not only my cardio but also I’ve really seen growth in my time on benchmark WODs like Murph.

I hated that I couldn’t do double-unders.  With some guidance from Alex and some members, I can now string off between 5-10 and I’m improving each time I do them.

CFB offers so much more from the opportunity to really challenge myself, to the motivating coaches to the variety.

My Story: Mike Chechel