This year’s CrossFit Games is over and Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey have been crowned the fittest on earth.  It’s always interesting to me the time and dedication it takes to stand on the podium, hold up a trophy or be crowned the “best”.  We see it when Nick Foles holds up the Vince Lombardi trophy or Alexander Ovechkin hold up the Stanley Cup. It’s fun watching the final games, events and/or series but we should realize they started preparation years prior just to have a chance to be in that position.

When someone speaks about their path or does an interview after winning, I always listen intently to what they have to say. They usually give some hint as to how they did it or what process they used to be successful. Search “Michael Phelps – interview after winning 20 gold medals.”  He was religious about physical and mental preparation before every race.

A gym member, Mark, shared this article on Mat Fraser.

It is a great article as he shared some basic values and processes on how he prepares for the Games. 

#1. He used his losses or negatives to help him succeed the following years.  Even though finishing 2nd in the CrossFit Games is quite an accomplishment, I’m sure he was disappointed not finishing 1st.  That experience turned into motivation and helped him get stronger and better the following years.

#2. When asked “What habits have you adopted..”, the first thing listed was nutrition.  I understand he is a professional CrossFit athlete.  He has sponsors, time to devote and a supportive financee to help prep meals.  “Everyday” CrossFitters are not in his situation but nutrition should be just as important and should be high on their priority list.

#3. His suggestion for someone looking to start CrossFit, “Number one, if you’re looking to get better at CrossFit, is technique—take the time to learn it.”  Having a proper foundation to build off of is essential to long term success.

We at CrossFit Brighton strive to improve people’s overall heath and wellness.  This goes beyond the physical.  We pride ourselves on the ability of like-minded people to congregate together and do great things.

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