1. Sara commented on how she was trying to do everything as prescribed during one of her workouts but it was slowing her down. We are striving for perfection and we hold people accountable for the quality of their performance. Great job by Sara to hold herself to high training standards!
2. Sometimes we call ‘TIME’ on the WODs and other times we give the option to stop. After getting the option of stopping the workout because of time, Nick continued the workout and finally finished. It took him 44:30 minutes to muscle through the WOD. Great dedication and perseverance!
3. Dan was the first one to post time on the whiteboard in one of the workouts. The workout consisted of cleans, push press, push jerks and K2E. Dan is very strong and efficient on these movements. Awesome time on the workout!
4. We have a few elite level hockey players amongst us in the workouts. Their commitment is astounding. There aren’t too many kids their age as committed, strong or conditioned. Their hard work will pay off. Keep up the good work Andy, Brendan and Greg.
5. Anybody that has the drive to walk in the door on a consistent basis and train deserves credit. Nothing of value comes easy. Great job by ALL of the members who are continuing to reach for higher fitness levels.
6. The 31 youth hockey players that skated hard on the ice then continued the training off ice at STICKS Training Center. These kids did an amazing job listening, paying attention and trying their hardest.
If we missed anything go ahead and comment.