Most people brush their teeth at least twice a day or after each meal.  It’s what our parents taught us when we were young. We do it for the health of our teeth and also our general health.

Because it’s something we’ve done for years, it’s a habit that we don’t need to think about or make time for.  It’s ingrained in our daily routine.

If we know our physical fitness is important, then why don’t we apply the same theory to it?

It starts by incorporating time throughout the day for physical fitness.  This works best when done in the morning so there is less chance something will come up and get in your way.  Put it in your calendar, lay your clothes out the night before, have a workout partner for accountability.  And, the key is to just do it.  

Don’t worry about a perfect routine.  

Don’t worry about what equipment you need.  

Don’t worry about ramping up the intensity.  Just start!

Consistency with this will create habits that will have a great impact in your life.  

Imagine yourself in ten years or twenty years.  Would that person thank you for starting this at this time?  I’m assuming the answer would be yes.  

New people come to our gym with individual goals.  The first step for us is to sit down and discuss them and create a path going forward.  We consistently reach out to them along the way to check-in and evaluate how things are going.  There are many things that we talk about but most important is consistency and habits.  If the member is consistent then good things happen.

Your action items are simple:

  1. Add activity, exercise, or weight lifting to your daily routine.  Add something positive.  
  2. Commit to it for a minimum of 12 weeks.  

If you do this, this will become a habit that you do not have to think about like brushing your teeth.

If you are interested in coming in and talking about your goals, schedule an initial consultation with one of our coaches.  This is completely “no strings” attached – just a conversation. Together we come up with a plan to help with your struggles – it’s our passion to help!