I also want to tell you what Sticks / HyperFit has done for me. Back when I started doing the WOD with you I could barely make it through the warm-up. Doing ten good form push ups was only a pipe dream. Wall Ball, forget about it. I was continually putting Did Not Finish next to my name. Now, some nine months later, I am in the best shape of my life. I am still a fat bastard, but I am no longer a weak fat bastard. I can look in the mirror and see true muscle growth. I actually have calves now. My waist is getting smaller. Bye bye Bingo wings. Its funny, last week someone at work asked me how much weight I have lost. To be honest, I have only lost ten pounds. I asked this person why should weight loss matter? I could care less what I weigh. The fact is I am gaining muscle, I have good, normal blood pressure, my cholesterol is at 135 and I have a resting pulse rate of about 70. Before HyperFit, I did not have any of these things. I am quickly creeping up on 43 years of age. I want to be able to get into my fifties and beyond with the ability to function physically. You, Keely, and Jen have made that possible. For that I am truly grateful.

Rob Caulkins

All we ask of our members is to commit themselves to the training program. Current fitness level, age or gender doesn’t matter. Commitment is required. We have experienced triathletes, elite level athletes and grandmothers. All of them deserve a pat on the back for their consistency and willingness to give all they have throughout the hour long session. New prospective trainees are required to go through a brief introductory training session. It doesn’t take long to know if they are willing to train as hard as our members train. Some are looking for something that will produce the desired results without the necessary effort. Others immediately know they found what they are looking for. Rob has been with us since day 1. After finding out about Hyperfitusa WOD classes in Brighton he emailed saying this was exactly the type of training he was looking for. All we ask is that members give their best during the session and Rob has done that consistently. His effort is unmatched and rewarded. He is stronger at pull ups while using a lighter band. Last week Rob had a new PR on overhead squats. Most importantly his overall fitness level has skyrocketed. It doesn’t matter what WOD is written on the white board Rob will give his best effort every day. That’s all we ask.