We, as a business, have 2 important goals to deal with.

#1-CFB and Brighton Nutrition need to remain a viable business and stay active so we can be here for those who need us.  Rather than shutting down our business we are adapting to the new environment.

#2-Continue to help our clients with accountability and to develop healthy habits with fitness and nutrition.  We are still here to help, we are able to do this but in a slightly different way.

“I know what to do for nutrition but …”  I wish I had a nickel every time someone said this.  Here’s the hard truth.  You need ACCOUNTABILITY.

You may not be able to get to the gym and you are probably cooking at home more often. Now is the time you can build a hedge against unhealthy habits and excessive weight gain.

Brighton Nutrition is offering virtual nutrition coaching that includes an initial consult with goal setting, meal plan and nutrition basics. We will continue with accountability and bi-weekly virtual meetings. Once we are back to business as usual you will come in to our facility and get your InBody Scan.

Contact Darcie at [email protected] to schedule your initial call.