As we continue to grow we also look at ways to meet our member’s health needs at CFB. We’re so excited to welcome Alissa Earl to our team! She’s helping with Brighton Nutrition and leading our new Sunday morning Mobility classes.

As an active member for more than two years and a busy working mom to Harper and Joey and wife to Adam, what keeps her going? How can you get involved in Nutrition, Mobility and why?

How did you get started with nutrition?
My journey with nutrition started after my second child was born. I found myself struggling to lose the weight and exercise alone was not taking it off like it did before. This is when I started to focus on nutrition and realized that it’s the foundation of healthy living.

By focusing on my diet and getting in consistent workouts, I lost 50 pounds since joining CrossFit Brighton and most recently getting into the Brighton Nutrition program.

What prevents people from taking an active role in their nutrition?
Some may think it’s too restrictive or be hesitant to track their food. We use a great app called MyFitnessPal and I personally find it to be an an eye-opening part of the process. Once you start tracking your food, you can see what areas need to be adjusted and where you can improve. It’s so easy to visually over-estimate a tablespoon of peanut butter and realize just how small a portion it truly is.

The truth is, it’s not about restricting foods. It’s about guiding you to make healthier choices and to be aware of your calorie count and macronutrients. With the guidance and accountability of coaching, this is a plan that can be made into a lifestyle for the long term. The goal is to bring this nutrition plan to those looking to improve performance, lose weight, gain muscle, and feel better.

What about yoga and mobility? How does that factor into your life?
Yoga has been a part of my life for 16 years and has always been a passion.

This summer I had the opportunity to take teacher training and found that yoga was a perfect complement to CrossFit. I noticed my mobility improved with a regular yoga practice and that it would benefit CBF to incorporate this into our programing as well.

How can we get involved?
To find out more about Brighton Nutrition you can schedule a free consultation and speak with me about your goals.
Tuesdays 5:30pm-7:30pm
Sundays: 9am-11am

If you haven’t checked out the mobility class on Sundays, make sure you take advantage of it – the first class is free! Mobility is an important part of your performance and implementing this class, as well as the stretches, into your workout routine will not only help your performance, but prevent injury.