Brighton Ambassadors


Our Ambassadors

At CrossFit Brighton we have an amazing community of people that accomplish extraordinary achievements every day.

CFB Ambassadors are made up of a small number of members from the CFB community who are great role models of our gym.  They embody everything we strive for at CrossFit Brighton.

Group Fitness in Brighton, MI

Our ambassador program is a key component of the positive and supportive culture at CFB.

  • Welcome new members into the classes
  • Help organize community events
  • Give feedback with programs
  • Apparel design
  • Continue to help build a positive and supportive community where members feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves.


Amazing Team

Jan B

The biggest change since starting CrossFit is more muscle tone, which is really important as we get a little older.
Also an attitude of “I can do this” which has transferred to my daily life outside of the gym.

My favorite CrossFit moments are many after 10 years but I have to say the friendships and caring about each other…..


I’m a US Army Infantry Paratrooper Veteran 1985-1988, and currently a Criminal Investigator Deputy U.S. Marshal of 30 years in AnnArbor/TASER Instructor/Firearms Instructor /Group Fitness Coordinator/Less Lethal Instructor …oh yeah, a dad of 3 and uhhhh, the other person in my wife’s marriage of 28 years….

Russell R

Being born and raised in Australia, Australian rules football was my team sport played up
until age 18, I later became an umpire (referee) and performed at the highest level of Aussie rules. I
ran the field, making decisions on rules, etc. It was and remains such an athletic sport
that kept you on the move for 120 minutes.

Kelly K

Who are you outside CFB? I have 2 children and a husband all with weird Bulgarian names. I work for Michigan Medicine. I hate running but I signed up for races. I love laughing with fun people and having one more beer.

Annie Staff Image


I was here from the start and remember when the first shipment of equipment was dropped off. I obviously had to mark my territory, which didn’t make my human happy. Not sure why…

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