Big goals are exciting, but remember that real, sustainable change is the result of small improvements over time.

 All you have to do is improve by 1 percent every day.

We like to convince ourselves that changes are only important when there is one big, obvious difference in our performance. Whether you want to lose weight, lift more, build a better business, or write a book, we tend to look at one huge goal and then get lost in the process of how to get there.

Meanwhile, making a 1 percent change is not noticeable. It’s not exciting at first and for a while it may not seem worth it. However, in the long run that small change is multiplied — put together enough days and you’ll meet your goal.

It is so easy to underestimate the decisions we make throughout the course of a day, and the value of creating good habits. Every habit we have – whether good or bad – is the sum of a lot of decisions added up throughout time.

If you improve in a lot of areas by just 1 percent, then the sum of all those small improvements add up to remarkable gains, leading to exponential changes over time.

 There really is no such thing as luck. All that exists is the sum of all the moments we move the needle by 1 percent.

Success is a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.” -Jim Rohn

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