I joined CFB as a part of a challenge with several of my fellow Brighton Area Fire Department firefighters. I appreciate so much the accountability not only for the movements, but also just for coming to the gym regularly. CrossFit allowed us to develop such a camaraderie as a group and have learned so much more about each other than we would have just at the fire department.

I’m half as winded as I used to be and can run farther. When I ended the challenge I lost 30 lbs. But now I’m down 40 and had to order new uniforms! It’s fun to be able to have the energy to keep up with my kids at home better. My daughter Reagan now loves doing squats at home, though she’s been a bit crazy in keeping me accountable with my healthy diet. My son Lucas won’t let me take the elevator anymore.

The community is awesome at CFB. You’re not here more than a couple of times before you know half the people, because everybody is really welcoming and happy to see you. Whether or not you have someone you know to come with there’s always someone here on the days you come alone to help you out and motivate you. The trainers are always really welcoming that way.

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