The CrossFit training methodology combined with the sense of community that is fostered by the owner, coaches, and members at CrossFit Brighton creates a sure fire path to success. Our members are always proud to tell their storeis and here are just of few:

Chris Ehli

8“I joined CrossFit Brighton a year ago because I wanted to become stronger and to be a healthy, active role model for my kids. I knew it was time for a radical change as I had let my fitness level slip and was only do 30 minute walks. When I first met the owner, Chris Tamer, I was concerned if I could even do the workouts. Recently I had a turning point in my physical fitness at CrossFit Brighton. I was able to complete the MURPH workout albeit I did the 100 push-ups assisted with the band and the 200 push-ups on my knees. I did a half mile run at the start because even then I wasn’t fully convinced that I could do the full workout in an hour. I made up the 1 ½ miles at the end. As I was running, I felt such overwhelming joy and pride at what I had accomplished and so grateful to the CrossFit trainers who always pushed me beyond my comfort zone. I could perform great human feats of strength and endurance while never giving up, never giving in and giving it all that I had. Labor Day was a testament and a victory how far I had come over the last year. The entire community of CrossFit Brighton – members and trainers – make all the difference. I sincerely appreciate how supportive, caring and friendly everyone is. You’re not in it alone here. No one said CrossFit was easy but it is oh so worth it!”

Jessica Chaplin

1I had to change where my fitness level and life was headed. I had tried CrossFit several years before for about 3 months until I was transferred for work. I knew I needed to get back to something that held me accountable. Working out by myself in the gym wasn’t for me anymore. I knew that I had to find CrossFit again. I found CrossFit Brighton in August of 2012.

In the past I have done aerobics classes, cardio kickboxing, home videos, bodybuilding routines, run races, and I am sure many more. Just prior to coming to CrossFit I was not really working out. I was working crazy long hours and had let all fitness routines go. Just prior to coming to finding CrossFit again I had just started back at Globo gym because it was convenient. But that didn’t last long as I got asked to leave for using my jump rope. In that moment I had a decision to make. I left never to return; went home did an internet search for CrossFit locations nearby and probably emailed CFB that night.

I feel that CrossFit is highly successful because you come with the intent to get in shape, but you stay for the community. I think CrossFit it successful because it is a community. You work out with the person next to you who is in just as much pain as you are and there in that brief moment that bonding occurs. Plus most of us make quite a few new friends and like to suffer through workouts when they are there.

I was never athletic as a kid; actually I was quite pudgy. I have had this desire for many years to compete with myself and with others to find out just how strong I really am. Proving to myself that if I set a goal and work hard for it I can achieve it. I find great inspiration from surrounding myself with people who I look up to and who are great at what they do. I want to stand on the floor with some amazing strong women athletes and the judge to call 3, 2, 1 and see how I stand at the end. If I were to win some money or get a tank top at the end that would be awesome too.

I started coaching around March of 2013. My favorite moment is when I get to witness a member do something that they have never done before or push themselves past what they thought their limit is. It never fails to inspire me.

I am good with any workout that includes cycling a barbell (Isabel, Grace, etc.). I want to avoid any workout that has running, pull-ups, or burpees in them (basically any workout built for small ninjas).

CrossFit has helped me to succeed in my life outside the gym. I am able to arm wrestle the techs at work with confidence! Basically for me it means I can take on whatever I need to do without thinking twice. I can mow the lawn, move furniture, and help my dad. I am actually insulted when someone doesn’t call me to help move heavy things.

I have done some major overhaul work on my diet in the past year. I eat what is considered a “clean diet”. For me I feel best when I eat no bread (except Ezekiel), no dairy, and no processed foods. I eat mostly meat, veggies, and occasionally some fruit and nuts. By overhauling my diet I saw a direct influence on my performance in the gym. If I was going to cheat which I do not do very often anymore my top 2 would be Donuts and Funfetti Cake with Frosting and French Fries

Tim Bloch

2December 2011 was the beginning of my Crossfit story. I found Crossfit Brighton one evening while waiting for of all things, a pizza order at Hungry Howies. I heard music playing in the parking lot. I looked in the garage door window. What I saw was a group of crazy people jumping on boxes and hanging from a pull up bar. At no point did I ever think I was capable of doing something like this.

In my forties, I was fighting with the idea that I was getting old. At this point in my life, my mother had just passed away from Diabetes. I was the only person in my immediate family who wasn’t a Diabetic or at least fighting the symptoms. I was doing my best to try to live healthier, but was losing the battle. I had taken up running for a few years, but I always seemed to be hurt and honestly was just bored with it.

My son was a high school athlete and at this point the only reason I signed up for Crossfit was to give him something active to do during the winter. I figured I would have to drive him anyway, so I gave it a shot. Didn’t take long before my daughter wanted to do it. How many Dads get to stand across from their teenage kids, hear 3,2,1…go with Metallica playing in the background? The WOD is a topic of conversation in our house everyday. How great is that? That is one of the proudest moments in my life and I hope it never ends.

After the first 3-4 weeks of living on Motrin, my progression has gone from: • There is no way I can do that. • I think I just did that. • I can’t believe I finished that. • I just did RX. • I just finished first. Are you sure you counted correctly? Yes, ok, Sweet! • I just did more weight than MOB • Added it up again. Wasn’t even close. Maybe someday.

I could write a book telling you how good the trainers are. How supportive everyone is. What a great experience this has been, but anyone who has put in any time with this group knows this already. Thank you for that. December 18th, 2014 is the end of my third year. I now look at the white board and believe the harder the WOD the better. I make sure I check PJS ‘s time and weight, search for the best time on the right and actually believe I can beat it. Once again, how great is that? I would like to say I feel 20 years younger, but I didn’t feel this great 20 years ago. If I can do this, anyone can.

Dr. John

3Hi Chris, Wanted to let you know I reached my goal weight of 187 lbs. Things are going great and most of the fat is gone and muscle is starting to return. My 4 mile run times are 8:15 min/mile which is down by about 40 sec since starting. Even better my cholesterol panel has markedly improved, and I have naturally doubled my testosterone level. I can now “beat up” on my non-compliant patients. Thanks for having such a great program and staff!


5After Sarah had listened to her husband talk CrossFit, CrossFit, CrossFit for about 6 months she decided to give it a try. Sarah has been a lifelong athlete and a self confessed gym rat. She quickly caught on to the CrossFit programming and specifically loved getting under the bar. Soon after joining CrossFit Sarah had learned that she was pregnant with twins!

Sarah’s doctors were all onboard with her training program and encouraged her to continue with small modifications. The coaches at CrossFit Brighton were very attentive to Sarah’s condition and had helped her modify her WOD to match her limitations. The doctors didn’t want Sarah doing any ab crunches or lifting over 50 pounds; other than those limitations they told Sarah to listen to her body.

Sarah continued to CrossFit through the last month of her pregnancy. The doctors were astounded with her physical condition and the babies had been developing perfectly. Her body weight was great and her resting heart rate had the nurses asking if she was a runner. She said, “Nope, I’m a CrossFitter.” During her last doctor’s appointment prior to delivery the doctor told her, “your physical conditioning will help make your delivery easy peasy.”

Sarah had gone full term and just as the doctor had assured her, the delivery of her twin girls went perfect. The girls were born perfectly healthy with zero complications. Sarah and the girls were released from the hospital two days after delivery and everyone is doing well. The girls are now 6 months old, crawling, eating solids, and playing their daddy like a fiddle. Sarah attributes much her success to her CrossFit training and a good diet. Thank you to all the coaches at CrossFit Brighton and my out of this world awesome wife, Sarah.

Beth Shuster

7I have been active all my life, sports in high school and into adulthood, bike riding, golf, yoga, aerobics, and weight training. You name it and I problem at some point tried it, I even took up running at age 50. Our youngest son played high school hockey so I occasionally would get emails from John about Crossfit because of its connection with
Sticks Training. I would mention it to Steve and we blew if off, too busy to try anything else. About 2 years ago we finally gave in and went to the free introductory class and were immediately hooked. The atmosphere and type of training is completely different from anything we had ever done.

My goals were not that lofty, just manage my weight which has always been a struggle and basically stay fit. What I have gained from doing cross fit has morphed in time from that to seeing how it has impacted my life outside the “box”. I can pick up my grandson, carry and move things in my house and recently had to dig a large deep hole in our yard to fix our well. All these I have been able to do easily which I don’t think would be possible without the varied workouts we have done.

At an obstacle running event my daughter-in law was saying how nervous she was. I was not and she wanted to know why. I have become accustom to showing up at the box, looking at the WOD and just doing it, not looking and thinking that too hard or just don’t feel like it and leaving. I have the confidence to show up and just do what is expected of me to the best of my ability and not worry about anyone else expects me to do. At 53 I am above the average age of most of the female members and don’t try to keep up. I am last a lot and don’t use a lot of weight but I get it done and still get the same encouragement from the other members like everyone else. The trainers have been terrific about form and everything else to teach us to push ourselves but still know your limitations and be safe. The members have become friends even outside the box, that has never happened with any “gym” we’ve been to.

We stopped going for 4 months to train for a half marathon and it felt so good to come back even though it was like starting from scratch. I didn’t realizes how much I missed it and we were welcomed back like old family members. We did the Tough Mudder last summer as a family and if you had asked me 2 years ago to sign up for that I would have said “no” because of Crossfit I said “why not?”

Scott Lindsay

“I have always maintained a fair level of fitness, but Crossfit helped me to a new level. I was diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic, which is what prompted me to take things up a notch and show up at your box. My Doctor had written me prescriptions for various drugs (including insulin); when I asked him if I could control my diabetes with proper diet and exercise he was skeptical, and could only say that he did not recommend it; many have tried, most have failed. With my newfound Crossfit skills, I am happy to say that I am drug-free, and a recent blood-panel shows all my “levels” as being in the normal healthy range. My doctor is still skeptical, but says “whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it”.


9“My hopefully lifelong journey with crossfit started out 1 year ago. When I entered Crossfit for the first time I was scared, not sure if it was going to work or not. I had been overweight for some time, and I thought that it could never get better. Up to that point I was unsatisfied with the way I looked and felt, and for the most part, had little confidence. The first workout I did was hard, but afterwards I felt I could stick with it for a while. So for the next month I went every other day, and at the end felt that something had changed. At the end of November of 2011, I weighed myself on the scale, and I had lost 15 pounds. I was very much amazed at how far I had come in such a short time, and decided that, without a doubt, Crossfit was awesome. So I continued and continued, and eventually leveled out at 155. By June, I had lost 50 pounds. The transformation was so profound I can’t even put it into words. I went from overweight to fit and in shape in a relatively short period of time. From then on I focused on gaining physical fitness more than I had at that point, and once again, Crossfit delivered. It helped me gain almost 20 pounds on all of my major lifts, and today I am still building on to this. I feel Crossfit is different than any other workout program out there. Right now Crossfit feels as if it is part of my lifestyle. It is as normal as going to school, brushing my teeth, etc. Not going to crossfit for a week would be like not eating dinner for a week. It just has to be there to be a normal day. Some call it a cult, and if so, it may be one of the best cults on the face of the planet; a cult I would never not want to be apart of. Along with a general lifestyle also comes social connections that can be built. The rule at Crossfit Brighton is that if you don’t know some, you better introduce yourself or you’re going to do some burpees (rarely). So, you tend to know everyone there, which in turn leads to a sense of community. The community at Crossfit is very supportive and always fun to be apart of. Whether it’s everyone always saying good job after a workout or the whole gym bursting out into laughter, there’s never a dull moment at Crossfit. I want to thank crossfit for all it has helped me accomplished. Without it I would be so lost, and most likely where I was a year ago. I just want to say to all those future crossfitters is that it is always worth a shot, no matter how out of shape you are or what physical fitness you have. I believe that Crossfit is the best physical fitness program out there, by increasing fitness in all areas. I mean sure, you may have bigger biceps by going to a gym, but Crossfit increases your fitness as a whole, making you healthier and livelier. Whether you’re out shape, old, or young, Crossfit is for everyone, and anyone can succeed with it.”