Small Group Off-Ice Training at STICKS Training Center

Youth hockey coaches should be commended for volunteering their time to teach youngsters how to play the game. Most coaches do this because they have previously played and have a passion for the sport. Running a practice that lasts 1 or 1 ½ hour long with 14 to 16 skaters and a goalie or 2 leaves little time to break down hockey specific skills on an individualized basis. There is great value in learning the basics of how to hold a stick, fully extend your leg while striding and shooting a puck with power.

At STICKS Training Center we have the ability to offer hockey specific skills training at our facility. We have a shooting area, stride boards, agility/plyometric tools and stick handling balls. More importantly we have professional level trainers that can break down the skills that the young players will need on the ice.

Ask an Olympic lifting coach how to perform a Deadlift and they will start by telling you where to put your feet. Ask a builder how to build a house and they will tell you to start with the foundation. Teaching hockey is no different in philosophy. Start with the basics. Youth hockey players should be taught the basic skill sets necessary to further develop their skills.

Shooting hundreds or even thousands of pucks in garages or basements can be beneficial providing the youngster is holding the stick correctly, transferring weight and creating flex on their stick. If they are not then they are practicing improper skills hundreds or thousands of times over thereby creating bad habits that will be with them for a long time.

081230 SMALL GROUP TRAINING from stickstraining on Vimeo.

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