Rudy, Kaitlin, Anna & Pete

I must say I do enjoy coming to Sticks with my kids, and a couple reasons stand out aside from the conditioning.

I get to share, with my kids, the satisfaction of completing another workout. Many conversations ensue on the way home, and I can tell they feel good about their efforts. I’m not sure we would be here if it wasn’t for Kaitlin wanting to improve her performance at the state meet. And her brother and sister see the importance of overall conditioning as it relates to their specific sports. We even talk about our overall diet, but we are still tempted by sweets. Well at least we’re cognizant of eating a proper diet! I’m also fairly confident that none will become smokers. Sometimes kids learn what “not to do” by observing parents and relatives! The training has reinforced the notion of maintaining good health, and it can be achieved at whatever age.

Working out together has narrowed the generation gap. For the most part, our activities and thoughts are different from our kids. We spend a lot of time telling kids what they should be doing without doing it ourselves. By training together a message is sent that I’m willing to get involved and that there are benefits from a collective effort.

Above all, I’m able to share something with my kids that has value, and something we have to work for. That makes it different from the normal family outings. We also get to share in our achievements, knowing that each of us contributed in some way by participating together. Just last night, Kaitlin qualified for the indoor state meet in the 200m. She looked strong, and bettered her time from a year ago.

thanks for running a great outfit,