Our Story: Firefighters Corey and Kelley

Our story: Firefighters Corey and Kelley

What is it about competition that motivates people? What about when you put a bunch of on-call firefighters together into a workout/weight loss challenge at CrossFit Brighton?

The result is a group of men who not only encourage each other but also can immediately put the results into action at their jobs saving lives.

That’s just what happened in December when 8 Brighton Area Fire Department firefighters joined CrossFit Brighton with WODs programmed just for them two days a week. This gave them a regular schedule to commit to and hold each other accountable.Corey Laber was one of those members. He’s a chiropractor in Howell where he’s lived with his family for the last 15 years. And Kelley Baptist is a residential contractor and builder who also lives in Howell with his wife and two kids.

What did they learn about themselves in the process?

What do you like most about CrossFit? What do you like least?

Corey: The community aspect of the workouts has made the experience great.  The encouragement I get, along with the great instruction, takes much of the intimidation out of the classes.  The banter we have with each other during the workouts is worth the extra few minutes it takes to get out of bed the next day.  As with any workout routine, the hardest part for me is the motivation it takes to workout on those long days.  But I have never left a workout regretting coming.  I may have regretted what I ate before the workout, but never regretted coming to it.

Kelley: I appreciate so much the accountability not only for the movements, but also just for coming to the gym regularly. CrossFit allowed us to develop such a camaraderie as a group and have learned so much more about each other than we would have at the fire department. Deadlifting is definitely my least favorite though!

How has CrossFit impacted you?

Corey: I lost 9 lbs in the first 8 weeks, but the real progress I have seen is in my stamina and reduction in body fat.  I have noticed great gains not only in what I’m lifting but also in how much better my clothes fit.  

As a business owner, anything that gets you up, moving, and feeling energized is great.  I have more motivation/energy to get things done at the office and at home now, especially the days of the workouts! I think most of our wives have seen the difference in our health and energy which has sparked their interest in making the same lifestyle changes.  

Kelley: For me it’s been with my cardio. I’m half as winded as I used to be and can run farther. When I ended the challenge I lost 30 lbs. But now I’m down 40 and had to order new uniforms! It’s fun to be able to have the energy to keep up with my kids at home better. My daughter Reagan now loves doing squats at home, though she’s been a bit crazy in keeping me accountable with my healthy diet. My son Lucas won’t let me take the elevator anymore.

What else?

Corey: I cannot emphasize enough that the community aspect of CrossFit is what make the experience worth your time.  I might go another gym on occasion when I need a good run or bike just to burn off some steam, but  I never get a fraction of the workout by myself, that I get a CrossFit Brighton.  

Kelley: You’re not here more than a couple of times before you know half the people, because everybody is really welcoming and happy to see you. Whether or not you have someone you know to come with there’s always someone here on the days you come alone to help you out and motivate you. The trainers are always really welcoming that way.

Way to go Corey and Kelley and to the entire BAFD team, we look forward to hearing about more of how CrossFit is helping you and your families!