Recently one of our members, Mark, he said he finally gets it. After 3 months of training, many conversations, many corrections, many praises, explanations of the Crossfit philosophy, talking about the feeling after the WOD Classes and all the benefits following, he said he finally gets it!

He followed up with … “I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know and I now know how much I really don’t know … I think.” I understand as there is much out there and we all are constantly learning.

Feel free to skip the next paragraph…

He is referring to the differing methodology of general fitness. Crossfit style training is different in that it is inclusive, broad and general. It constantly varies and involves high intensity which requires motivation from trainers.

What the hell does this mean? It is like saying core strength. Everyone and every training facility focuses on core strength, but a more interesting question is how they do it. Some training philosophies advocate isolation, other fitness routine focus on stability. At Crossfit, we improve core strength by having people perform functional movements (stuff you do everyday) while maintaining mid-line stabilization (your back is straight) while running, jumping, pushing, pulling, lifting, pressing and squatting. Understanding that finding “the secret to core strength” or “the 10 minutes a day 3 days a week” routine limits the results by the very nature of the routine that these regimens focus on. If you want to understand core strength try to Overhead Squat your body weight. Let me know how that works.

Trying to describe our training in detail with full retention, so people “get it”, is tough if not impossible to do. We do our best during the introductory training session to let new people know what is in store for them but…coming in our box and experiencing constantly varied, different modalities, high intensity workouts for 3-6 months is one sure way to internalize and understand the full benefits of crossfit training.

Other voices heard over the past few months:

-“I can’t believe that we haven’t done the same workout since I’ve been here”
Yes, we do constantly vary the WODs.

-“I felt soreness in muscles that I’ve never felt before”
We focus on functional movements with full range of motion.

-“I almost saw my lunch for the second time”
Intensity is a part of the training.

Since Mark and his wife have jumped in the classes, we have constantly talked about the training, going back and forth about anything and everything from how Crossfit started to why we train with Kettlebells, barbells and gymnastic rings. We talked about why housewives should train similarly to Navy Seals, professional level athletes and MMA Fighters. Many of our members are successful, driven people that strive to constantly learn within different endeavors. Many of them watch videos, read articles and tinker with their diet. If you spend the time doing it, you might as well do it right.

I think the best way for people to understand the benefits of Crossfit is to train elsewhere. Next step advised would be to read up as much as you can regarding all the types of training out there including Crossfit. If something clicks and peaks your interest with our Crossfit style training, then go through an introductory training session with one of our trainers. If you continue training with us then keep reading, watching videos and educating yourself.