Evaluate your fitness and lifestyle goals. Are your actions leading you towards achieving these goals? If you are ready for a change, fill out the request info form. We will contact you to schedule your Introductory Training Session. We will schedule a time that works for your schedule and ours. This is the first step to tryout Crossfit and Crossfit Brighton.


At the end of Introductory Session you can sign up and become a member. You will learn about our Foundation Classes. These classes are an On-Ramp to the group classes and are mandatory for new members. You will learn proper form and technique with the movements in a smaller setting with more hands on teaching from our coaches. These Foundation Classes are essential for long term success in the WOD Classes.


As a member, you have access to any of the adult classes on our calendar. You also have access to our coaches. Please use them for any advice. That is why we are here. We will guide you regarding appropriate equipment, weights and modifications according to your individual abilities. Lastly and most importantly, consistent attendance in the WOD Classes is critical to achieving your goals.


The Introductory training session is a great chance for you to learn about us. We will also learn about you and your fitness goals. The Intro will involve a brief explanation of our training philosophy. You will then sample our training by going through our Baseline workout. You will know immediately whether this type of training is for you or not. After the workout we will explain our signing up process to become a member. Regardless of your athletic background or current fitness abilities, we welcome anyone to join. Our trainers have the ability to scale and modify exercises to accommodate people of varying fitness levels. Your requirements are consistency and hard work. We are not a typical gym. We are not open 24 hours and we do not allow drop ins to our WOD Classes. We run instructor led classes. Our instructors focus on improving people’s abilities and general fitness levels. Our training also involves a high level of intensity. Our trainers encourage and motivate you to push past previous limits. We have a saying of “get comfortable with being uncomfortable”.