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CrossFit Brighton – Integrity


Congratulations to four of our members who performed in two recent local competitions!  Liz O’Brian and Julie Tamer (Rookie Rumble, Detroit) came in 6th out of 23 teams and Dominic Monte
and Tressa
Keiffer took 1st place (Crossfit Festivus Games, Jackson) in their competition.

Kudos are deserved for not only their placement but more importantly for how they performed with integrity! The judge went out of his way to compliment their range of motion, efforts and efficiency of movements.  They didn’t short change the exercises or cut corners for the sake of speed.

Range of motion and form can occasionally get lost in competitions for the sake of finishing a spot or two higher.  We see this often.  Having the confidence and discipline to hold yourself to higher values in stressful situations is honorable.

We believe that you should train everyday with integrity.  This is an important and respected aspect of training that we value at CrossFit Brighton.  Your competition days should not be much different than your training days.

Congratulations to Liz, Julie, Dominic and Tressa and CrossFit Brighton thanks you for representing us with integrity!