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CrossFit Brighton Friday September 7, 2018

CrossFit WOD (workout of the day)
OHS 1 x 20 RM
:20/:10 x 32 Interval
Thruster (#45/#35)
AbMat Sit-Up
Box Jump (24”/20”)
Cycle through exercises

CrossFit LT Class (less technical)
P1 Run 200M
P2 Max Reps TH
BB 96/65 DB 35/25
Switch once
P1 Run 200M
P2 Max CALs on Row
Switch once
P1 Run 200M
P2 med ball ALT get ups (70/50)
P1 Run 200 M
P2 Max Reps H2H KBSW (24/16)
20:00 AMRAP
Track total reps/cals
Dead Bug DB piston
BP– alt for 12 reps
KB Mason twist: 14
Handstand Hold: 30secs
4 rds