CrossFit Brighton – CFB Barbell Club

CrossFit Brighton Barbell Club

  • New 8-week session
  • Starting Saturday, 6/24
  • Times: Saturdays / Sundays 9:30 am & and 3rd day of programming done on your own at the gym
  • Ends with CFB Lift – Off – Saturday, 8/19
  • If you’re interested and able to make the majority of session, reply email back with your intentions and we’ll share the programming with you

Want to learn more?

We held the first CFB Lift-Off Competition this past weekend. It was an inspiring event because of the gains and PR’s by all the hard work put in by the members.

Over the last few months, the Barbell Club members have been working on their lifts. Whether you’re a CrossFitting weightlifter or a weightlifting CrossFitter, attending these sessions will reward you with positive results.

This program is open to all our members. The goal is to continue to have an option to work on necessary skills, flexibility, and form with Olympic lifts and accessory movements. The movements will vary each week but Clean & Jerk and Snatch will be the primary focus.

What’s involved?

You do not have to lift maximum weights in these classes! If this is your goal then, by all means, go for it. You can use whatever weights necessary to allow you to complete the movements safely and efficiently. Working on these athletic movements, in a more controlled environment will allow for improvement.

How do I join?

Email to receive programming and get access to the Barbell Club.