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Member spotlight: Katie Potter

DSC06080One of the most fun aspects of being a part of the CrossFit Brighton community is seeing families connect and grow in their fitness together.

One of those families are the Potters and daughter Katie who began in 2011 when she was just 8. She found a lot of success with her sports performance and had fun in our CrossFit Kids classes in and is now in the regular WOD classes with her dad with a goal of someday competing in the CrossFit Games. Way to go Katie!


potter kids

When did you start and why?

I started CrossFit in 2011 when I was 8 years old.  My dad brought me along to some classes and I liked the workouts.  I was a competitive gymnast at the time and my dad thought it was a good fit for me.  During the summer of 2015, when I was 12 years old, I began CrossFit Kids because I “retired” from competitive gymnastics and needed an activity that was equivalent to my prior strength training.

What did you like most about CrossFit Kids?

CrossFit Kids was a great introduction to the sport and an opportunity to make new friends.  The coaches were positive and encouraging which lacked in my previous sport.  I was able to demonstrate skills, act as a leader to younger kids, and go at my own pace/skill level.

What other sports do you play and how does CrossFit help with this?

I play lacrosse, cheer competitively, and golf and CrossFit gives me the endurance for lacrosse, flexibility for cheer, and overall strength for all 3 sports.  It keeps me in good shape as I progress in these sports.

Now that you’ve moved from CrossFit Kids to the adult classes, how do you like working out with your dad?

CrossFit is something that my dad and I share; an activity that we can do together.

I like working out with him because I can compete against him (and win, of course!).  I enjoy after the workout, when I listen to him complain about the workouts. 🙂 But I like most of the WODs but dislike thrusters and goblet squats!

Anything else you wish to include?

I plan to keep doing CrossFit forever and one day, I would like to compete in the CrossFit Games!