Crossfit Brighton 150530

We are different!  We not only want you to come in often we NEED you to come in often.  We strive for results for our members.  This is the life line of what we do.  Our so called “Fitness” competitors do not feel the same way.  They have you sign up for long term contracts with the hope and prayer that you do not show up and forget about your membership.  This is what they do.  They are very proficient “Sales” organizations.  We are different!  We have a gym with coaches that know first names. We are continually striving to achieve our goal of – “Building a Fit Community”.  If your training is lacking motivation, getting stagnate and/or not getting the results you desire, come in for a Free Introductory Session.  This is a tryout!  You are trying us out, we are trying you out.