Crossfit and the military have a unique relationship. Many people and units in the military use Crossfit training as their principle strength and conditioning program. Crossfit honors fallen Heros by naming a WOD after them.Tomorrow's WOD:'MURPH'1 mile Run100 Pull Ups200…

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Monday/Wednesday WOD Classes

-Deadlift/Ball Slams-What a great couplet. Deadlifts are an excellent core strengthening exercise. Ball slams are a dynamic movement that requires speed with a range of overhead to the ground. The weather was good enough to bring the 5:30 WOD Class…

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100310 Wednesday

We did a Kettlebell complex this Wednesday. The members moved the bells through a wide range of motion starting on the ground and finishing at full extension above their heads. Kettlebells have been around for centuries and have been an…

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