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We have dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells. We have a pull up aparatus along with rings for ring rows/dips and other gymnastic tools. We also throw weighted balls up against the walls and jump on boxes. We are a gym.

But we are more than just a gym. Our members forge friendships. We congregate outside of the gym to run a race, ski a hill or have a good time at a watering hole. Our members congratulate each other when one of the kids gets accepted to a college or a person is hired to a new job. We share our experiences with each other.

We have trainers that teach and motivate. We have members that not only work hard but are driven, set goals and help other achieve theirs. They come in the gym and look for the challenge. We do have weights and gym stuff but there is more to it. This is also a place where people find out what they are made of. How many times have you pushed yourself to the limit to the point of questioning your mettle?

People challenge themselves in different ways. Our members push their physical and mental limits daily. They are more resilient and develop an intestinal fortitude
that was previously hidden. People get physically stronger and better conditioned in our gym but they also get mentally freakin’ tough.